– Ms. Angel Liu    

– Ms. Joyce Lin    

-Ms. Du    


Hi Annabel, I want to thank you so much for persevering with me and my group when we did the “unusual” deal. Vendor-take-back mortgage is not very common these days, but you did it for us! Every step of the way, you were there for us answering questions, addressing our concerns, and reminding us of our next payment, etc. You are really on top of things, and I’m impressed by your level of care and professionalism. What’s more comforting is that I feel you always tell us the truth, and always put our best interest first. You really went beyond my expectations. That’s why I’ve given you 3 referrals in one year after our first deal. You will be my life-long realtor. Take care.
– M. Badshah    


– Lilian Liu