Why us

Why List with Annabel?


As sellers, you want to consider 3 things in the realtor who will represent you:

  • Professionalism 专业度
  • Marketing 营销方案
  • Negotiation 谈判技巧.

1. Unique & Strong Social Media Marketing - I’m super good at Wechat marketing. Wechat is the LARGEST social media in Chinese community. 独特、强大的微信推广。

2. My negotiation skills are top notch - I have more than 9 years of experience in the Vancouver market, and I am a Certified Negotiation Expert. 9 年成功专业经验,认证谈判专家。

3. When representing sellers, I have 1 and ONLY 1 goal—the highest price! 代表卖家时,我有且只有一目标:追求最高价格!

4. I am hands-on, personally handling every step of the sale myself. You don't need to deal with inexperienced or unmotivated assistants. 我全程亲自负责,不会用没有经验、动力不足的助理来敷衍您。

5. I set record prices again and again. 我屡次卖出破纪录的价格。